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Xanthan - Industrial

Xanthan Gum will readily hydrate in both hot and cold water with mechanical stirring and gives high viscosities at low concentrations making it attractive to a wide range of industrie; however, Xanthan Gum's real versatility in modern industry arises from the remarkable properties it exhibits:

  • Temperature stability - only minor changes in viscosity between 10 - 70 Deg C
  • pH stability-  only minor changes to viscosity from pH 1 - 11
  • Highly pseudoplastic solutions
  • Good compatibility with high concentrations of many salts
  • Ability to form films on evaporation of its aqueous solutions 
  • Enzymatic resistance

Chemcolloids stock Xanthan Gum in 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 200 mesh particle size

We also offer a 40 mesh glyoxylated Xanthan Gum, giving a more readily dispersible product with minimal lumping which can dramatically reduce production times and is particularly effective when used in acidic cleaning products.

For highly acidic conditions we offer a specialist acid stable grade Xanthan which is extremely tolerant to pH levels <3.0.