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Gelatine is a natural protein with the most common types being derived from Porcine skin and Bovine hide and has a wide variety of uses in the food processing sector.

Gelatine has a unique melt-in-the-mouth characteristic and has the ability to form thermo reversible gels. Gelatine will also act as a binder, emulsifier, thickener as well as a gelling agent and these characteristics make it a key ingredient in confection such as marshmallows and wine gums. The dairy industry makes use of gelatine properties in yogurt, mousse and specialty desserts whilst meat processors utilise gelatine in canned meats, hams and pates

Chemcolloids can supply a wide range of gelatine grades in the UK from very low to very high blooms in a variety of mesh sizes.

Chemcolloids can also provide vegetarian alternatives to gelatine in the form of Locust Bean Gum and Carrageenan blends.

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