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Chemcolloids have over 20 years in house experience of supplying ingredients to the food industry and this has developed into other areas of industry where rheology control and viscosity modification are important factors.

We have an ongoing program of investigation into the synergy between all of our core products to enable us to give our customers exactly what they want every time.

All of our food products are certified GMO-free and many are suitable for use in organic recipes.

Chemcolloids products can be formulated to meet customers' requirements over a wide variety of parameters, such as viscosity, gel-strength, syneresis, clarity etc.

As well as food ingredients and blends, we also stock industrial grades of hydrocolloids and blends for industrial applications. We supply a wide range of industries including mining, drilling, oilfield, construction, coal briquetting, adhesives, paper and textiles, domestic chemical manufacture, gas refining and explosives.