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Alginate is one of the most significant of the hydrocolloids because of its ability to form clear transparent gels at room temperature. Once formed, these gels are non reversible and will maintain their characteristics and properties throughout subsequent thermal processes. This gelling characteristic, together with alginate's ability to thicken, stabilise, emulsify and form films assures a diverse range of applications such as:

Thickening :

  • Frozen foods - maintain texture during freeze/thaw
  • Frozen desserts - provides heat-shock protection and improves flavour release
  • Dry mixes - quickly absorbs water in reconstitution


  • Salad dressings/Sauces - Emulsifies oils and suspends solids

Stabilising :

  • Fruit Juice - Stabilises and suspends pulp 
  • Whipped toppings - Stabilises fat dispersion and offers freeze/thaw stability


  • Dessert Gels - Quick setting gels with hot or cold water
  • Pie and pastry fillings - instant pie fillings giving soft gels
  • Restructured foods - Onion rings, fruit fillings

The same properties which are desirable in the food industry have led to numerous industrial applications 


  • Paper coating and sizing - controls rheology of the coatings and improves smoothness.
  • Textile Dyeing - Prevents migration of dyes in pad dying
  • Textile Printing - Give sharp lines without bleeding and are easily washed off after printing


  • Polishes - Emulsifies and suspends
  • Antifoams - Emulsifies and stabilises


  • Ceramics - Suspends solids and gives plasticity
  • Cleaners - stabilises insluble solids


  • Air freshener gels - firm gels produced from cold water systems
  • Explosives - Reaction with borates produces elastic gels

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