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Green plants

Chemcolloids products are established in a wide range of industries. Each industry exploits one or more of the technical functions our products can perform, a small selection of which are listed below...

  • Food Industry
  • Petfoods and Animal Feeds
  • Oil Well Drilling and Exploration
  • Air Freshener Gels
  • Hydroseeding
  • Household Care Products
  • Vehicle Cleaning Products
  • Acid and Alkali Thickeners
  • Firegel Thickeners
  • Construction - Cementitious Screed Levellers
  • Paints - Self Levelling
  • Cold Press Extrusion
  • Explosive Slurries
  • Green Strength Binders - i.e. in Coal Briquettes

Naturally, this is only an overview of the industries we supply, and there are many more applications for which our products can provide cost effective and technically sound solutions.  

To discuss your product requirements or for help in selecting the best product for your end use please contact us