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Guar Gum - Food

Chemcolloids are one of the largest suppliers of Guar Gum in the UK. We operate a multi sourcing policy with partners in both India and Pakistan. This multi sourcing ensures that we consistently maintain product that is competitively priced, of the highest possible quality and always readily available on stock.

In order to cater for the array of possible production processes, Chemcolloids stocks 100 mesh and 200 mesh guar gum with 3000 cps and 5000 cps viscosity ranges.

Chemcolloids are one of the few companies who able to supply coarse mesh, high viscosity guar gum with exceptional colour.

Guar gum has the ability to bind large amounts of water and exhibits good stabilising and viscosifying properties. As such it is used in a wide range of applications in both Food and Non-Food industries. We can provide you with the grade of guar gum best suited to your needs and with a wealth of experience and strong partnerships with respected guar manufacturers, we invite you to make Chemcolloids Ltd your preferred guar gum supplier.

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