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We supply a range of emulsifiers for the food industry and food sectors. An emulsifier is a compound which enables a mixture of oil and water to remain stable i.e. creates an emulsion. Emulsifiers are able to do this because of their distinct structure which has two components.

  1. Lipophilic -Fatty acid group -  fat loving - attracted to fat  
  2. Hydrophilic -Hydroxyl group - water loving - attracted to water

They act at the surface between the fat and water molecules and are thus knows as surface-active or surfactants. By far the most commercially important emulsifiers are the mono- and diglycerides E471 (the monoglycerides are also the intermediate in the manufacture of DATEMs E472e and other emulsifiers), with their most common application being in baked goods and Ice Cream where they are used in conjunction with stabilisers such as Guar, LBG, and Xanthan to stabilise the emulsions produced.

Chemcolloids can offer emulsifiers stand alone or blended products to fulfill your need so please contact us to discuss this further.