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At Chemcolloids, we believe that, offering the best possible service and products to our customers creates long lasting partnerships.

To this end, we have an in-house laboratory which is responsible for quality checking both raw materials and finished goods. All performance products are assessed against specific technical test methods using specialised equipment. All performance products are positively released and are issued with a Certificate of Analysis

Together with Quality control, our laboratory is also dedicated to providing a value-added technical service to our customers. This may involve assessment of blended products to analyse each component and create a match or improve on current performance. We can also provide assistance in selecting the most appropriate hydrocolloid to provide functionality in your final end products.  

We have considerable product knowledge in the synergies which exist between hydrocolloids and we understand how to achieve optimum performance by blending hydrocolloids in specific ratios. Our knowledge and understanding has enabled us to create bespoke performance products across a range of industries to help overcome problem areas or to create novel modes of application

We would like to invite you to contact us to discuss any technical issues you may be experiencing or if you would like some advice on product selection to best suit your end use application. We are here to help in any way we can and we look forward to your call